Collective of Studio Furniture and Eurorack Cases No Longer in Production.


La Maîtresse studio desk 2egress

studio desk avid system 5 2egress

studio desk yamaha dm2000 2egress

studio desk yamaha kx8 2egress

Vee for Yamaha KX8

Avid Artist workstation 2egress

Controlfreak for Avid Artist

studio desk eclipse dual bay 2egress

Studio desk Low rida 2egress

Film production desk 2egress

Film production desk 2egress

studio desk facet 2egress


Triple bay rack 2egress

studio rack defender howie beck 2egress

En Face studio rack 2egress

majestic studio rack 2egress

WBS studio rack dauntless 2egress

studio rack double bay 2egress

WBS studio rack dauntless 2egress

studio rack single bay 2egress

master studio rack 2egress


12u eurorack case golden ratio

15U eurorack case


15u eurorack case bill brown 2egress

15u plus eurorack case

15u eurorack case prince of darkness

15u eurorack case christophe beck

Eurorack case 16U Perseverance

19u eurorack case sigilship

revolving eurorack cable hanger

revolving eurorack cable hanger

eurorack cable hanger hangman

Established in the Year 2010.
Made in U.S.A.

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