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Our clients tell us that this is the new standard of recording studio furniture.
Let us build you something amazing!


“There is not the slightest wobble or instability in either the case or the stand."

Nate Lueck
Canadian Born Musician, Composer and Producer

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Mastering Desk Josh Sebek 2Egress

"How Perfect and Pristine the Build Quality and Attention to Detail."

Josh Sebek
Mastering Engineer at Welcome to 1979

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Alan Wilkis (Big Data) eurorack case

“It’s given me all sorts of new inspiration…"

Alan Wilkis
Big Data / Muisc Procuder / Composer

Jamie Lidell Eurorack Case

"The look is clean and precise...Beauty and function in perfect harmony."

Jamie Lidell
Musician, Soul-singer and Podcast Host of Hanging Out with Audiophiles

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eurorack case 27u the Black Swan

“The Build Quality is Outstanding!"

Owner of the 27U Black Swan

Lev Perrey Eurorack Case Lander and Studio Rack Rover by 2egress

"Brock is an artist and a master craftsman who worked closely with me throughout the entire process."

Lev Perrey
VP of Product
Universal Audio

eurorackcase 27u  gunslinger 2egress

"He went to great lengths to work with Genus Modu and Acopian to give it monstrous power with a super low noise floor."

David Forman
Boston, Massachusetts

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eurorack case 30u la baronesse didier lean rachou 2egress

Friends, if you are seeking something truly special and appreciate the fine feel of uncompromising quality and demanding detail…"

Didier Lean Rachou
ASCAP Television Composer of the Year
Los Angeles, California

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eurorack case 18u phoenix 2egress

"It is invaluable being able to work with someone who understands the needs of the customer…"

Tyler Doty
Edmonton, Canada

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15u eurorack case 2egress

“2Egress is quite possibly the finest in the world!”

Ivo Ivanov
Founder and CEO of Glitchmachines

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studio equipment racl SPUTNIK Rich Walters 2Egress

"Their attention to detail, functionality and pure artistic expression is in my humble opinion without parallel."

Rich Walters
Vancouver, Canada

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studio desk christopher wilson 2egress

"The artistic economy accomplished with simple shapes is unlike anything I’ve seen."

Christopher Wilson
Seattle, Washington

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Neil Parfitt studio desk VTOL 2Egress

“Brock made me cry twice, but the results are fantastic!”

Neil Parfitt
Toronto, Canada

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studio desk marito marques 2egress

"Thank you 2Egress for making my life so much easier and making my studio more appealing.”

Marito Marques
Toronto, Canada

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studio desk wing commander jim guthrie 2egress

"It blows my mind every time I sit down in front of it. I don’t mean to gush but I’m in love."

Jim Guthrie
Toronto, Canada

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studio desk ron skinner 2egress

"From concept to design to the final build 2Egress was there with creative ideas at every step."

Ron Skinner
Ontario Canada

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studio desk simon poole 2egress

"I’ve scored a few films at this desk and it’s become the centre of my studio and a creative aid."

Simon Poole
Toronto, Canada

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studio desk low rida 2egress

"I wanted a desk that I couldn’t complain about."

Steven Mek
Toronto, Canada

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15u eurorack modular case 2Egress

“You are a real artisan my friend.”

Jovaughan Meek
Calgary, Canada

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eurorack case 18u 2egress

“The crew at 2Egress who are talented, passionate, and so importantly communicative…”

Charles Dworetz
California, U.S.A.

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studio desk la maîtresse 2egress

“Brock at 2Egress has provided me, hands down, with the best customer service I’ve ever experienced."

Alex Ouzilleau
Quebec, Canada

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studio rack sidewinder 2egress

"Unbelievable workmanship and attention to detail."

Paul Roussel
Ontario, Canada

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film production desk 2egress

"The outstanding quality of craftsmanship shows how much Brock loves his work."

Catalina Coman
Ontario, Canada

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12u eurorack case 2egress

“Brock and folks at 2Egress have far surpassed any expectation I’d had for helpful, personable customer service and top-notch craftsmanship.”

Andy Wegman
New Hampshire, U.S.A.

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studio rack triple bay

"Great piece of furniture and great packaging."

Marcus Allen
Colorado, U.S.A.

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12u eurorack case 2egress

"The angles of the four rows feels great and the vector rails with threaded nut strips are much nicer than working with individual nuts like on other cases."

Jason Job
Nelson, Canada

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studio rack double bay 2egress

"The beauty, craftsmanship and elegance of Brock’s work is self-evident to anyone who visits the website but to actually receive the finished product takes everything to an entirely new level."

Casey Pechot
Cascade Media Calgary

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15u eurorack case orange 2egress

"The case was built quickly and receiving the shipment was a breeze (it was well packed)."

John Forester
New York, U.S.A.

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majestic studio rack 2egress

"This desk is not just a convenient solution for my new setup, it’s also an inspiring work of art."

Waleed Deyab
Toronto, Canada

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Made in U.S.A.

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