Wáng “King”


Limited Edition present-day unique Eurorack modular case.

Wáng “King” (王) in Chinese – is a depiction of a giant standing on the ground, but this inferred a giant of distinguished virtue, knowledge and character.

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The top horizontal stroke symbolizes Heaven. The middle and bottom horizontal strokes symbolize humankind and Earth. Together, the three strokes symbolize what is known as the three realms: Earth, humankind and Heaven.

The vertical stroke indicates that kings are mediators between these realms.

Solidly constructed from 12mm highest quality FSC certified 9-ply Baltic birch plywood.

Row width top to bottom: 104HP, 84HP, 104HP

Row depths top to bottom: 50mm, 76mm, 101mm.

Custom Vector rails, brackets and threaded nut strips.

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