15U Constellation

An incredible Eurorack modular 15U 104HP double wide console that houses six Intellijel TPS80W triple power supplies with built-in LED lighting.

The case is milled with precision to facilitate each bus-board to lay in a perfectly supported position. A 2Egress distinguishing feature.

An intricate ventilated enclosure housing six Intellijel power bricks situated on the back-plane of the case includes individual sliding gates to facilitate changing of power-bricks if necessary.

Barrel jacks installed to allow power control of each row and switching for each bays LED lighting mounted nearby.



Designed and built specially for renowned Canadian film composer, Christophe Beck  (Ant-Man, Edge of Tomorrow, Frozen, The Hangover, Trilogy, Buffy) based in Los Angeles.

Min. depths top to bottom: 109, 107, 147, 65, 57  (mm)

Custom vector rails, brackets and threaded nut strips.

FSC certified highest quality cabinet grade Baltic birch plywood.

15U 104HP Double Bay Dimensions (L×W×H) (in): 45.45 X 23.25 X 24.66

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