“Our criterion for good furniture is quite simple:
It should touch your heart,
wake up emotions,
and motivate thought as well as action.”



Eurorack Modular Case | 27U Gunslinger | David Forman“It’s absolutely a work of art and Brock is a truly talented guy and amazing to work with.”


“Brock made this for me and I cannot praise it and his craftsman highly enough. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous and beautiful built, he went to great lengths to work with Genus Modu and Acopian to give it monstrous power with a super low noise floor.

I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.”






David Forman
Boston, Massachusetts



“A true gentleman, artist and a veritable raconteur par excellence, Brock’s passion for his work is infectious.”


“Having long since admired Brock’s inspiring designs, it had always been a goal to one day collaborate with him on a bespoke piece for my studio.

A true gentleman, artist and a veritable raconteur par excellence, Brock’s passion for his work is infectious. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our dialogue and collaboration. I must confess that as much as I will cherish exploring new musical frontiers with his glorious creation, it will be with the tiniest pinch of sorrow, in that we shall no longer be composing long missives, obsessively discussing things both macro and minute with regards to the build and a great many other inspiring topics. That said, I do look forward to keeping in touch (and promise to send photos, when all of the modules are installed)!

Brock, I send you my deepest gratitude in helping me bring “La Baronesse” to life. I wish you all the best and continued success with your thriving business!

Friends, if you are seeking something truly special and appreciate the fine feel of uncompromising quality and demanding detail, I encourage you to trust Brock and 2Egress with your patronage. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.”


ASCAP Television Composer of the Year
Los Angeles, California



“2Egress did not build me synth racks, they built me a complete workflow solution.”


“Many high-quality studios out there have one thing in common: space. There might be a huge couch in the room, a gigantic wall of modular synths, racks upon racks of synths and guitars, stacks of amps and cabinets, a sound isolation booth for tracking guitars and vocals (and maybe a separate one for both). None of that described what was going to fit into the area I had to work with. My space was larger than most, but I knew right from the get-go that if I was going to really utilize my space, I would have to get creative.

I can’t tell you the countless hours that I spent video chatting with Brock and going over dimensions, layout, sizing, etc. We hashed our way through countless issues this way. Sometimes we found an outright solution, and other times it was a working compromise; that’s just the nature of working with any constraint (space, time, financial, etc.). The amount of custom work and unique touches that Brock put into my studio furniture can not be understated. For every little request or comment I had about something very particular, Brock had an answer for me. It is invaluable being able to work with someone who understands the needs of the customer, and how to implement the designs necessary to accommodate those needs.

It’s easy to look at a small space and think “yeah, those are some nice synth racks”, but I want to be very clear on one thing: 2Egress did not build me synth racks, they built me a complete workflow solution. My productivity in the studio has been completely revolutionized for the better.”


Tyler Doty
Edmonton, Canada


“2Egress is quite possibly the finest in the world!”


“If you’re looking for a world-class Eurorack case with absolutely no compromises, 2Egress is quite possibly the finest in the world!

Their work exemplifies astronomical levels of craftsmanship, attention to detail and experience. Each one of their builds is truly a work of art and everything from their ordering process to their immaculate packing is streamlined to perfection.

Their customer service is literally the best I’ve ever experienced and the level of attention and clear communication I enjoyed while working with them has made the entire experience a dream come true.

I can recommend 2Egress with my absolute highest regards. You will not find a better case designer on the planet.”


Ivo Ivanov
Sound Designer – Ivanov Sound
Founder of Glitchmachines – Glitchmachines


Studio Equipment Rack | SPUTNIK“You guys have changed my life.”


“For the past 7+ years I have dreamed of, searched and worked towards one day having a custom workstation built for my specific needs. I spent so many years working on a somewhat adequate desk but it lacked the functionality, ergonomics and design I knew I ultimately needed and wanted to help me keep progressing toward my artistic goals.

Today I find myself in a place where I truly feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world. I was fortunate enough to have Brock and Dion from 2egress realize, design and build two amazing custom pieces for me – Luna & Sputnik. On both these pieces they have completely surpassed any and all expectations I could’ve ever had. Their attention to detail, functionality and pure artistic expression is in my humble opinion without parallel.

They are leaders and innovators in the design and execution of all manner of studio work surfaces.

If you’re lucky enough to have 2egress design and build your dream piece of studio furniture, I’m confident it will enhance every part of your creative workflow and process like it has mine. That’s been my experience – not my opinion 🙂 ”


Rich Walters
Film / TV Composer
Rich Walters Music
Vancouver, Canada



Eurorack Modular Case | Orange 12U“Brock and folks at 2Egress have far surpassed any expectation I’d had for helpful,
personable customer service and top-notch craftsmanship.”


“Brock and the folks at 2Egress have far surpassed any expectation I’d had for helpful, personable customer service and top-notch craftsmanship. After initial email contact – and several helpful emails thereafter – Brock helped me to pick out and then outfit a terrific Eurorack case (on sale no less) with appropriate power choices that I could not be happier with.

Shipping was swift and packing was well-thought out.

With great confidence, I recommend 2Egress.”



Andy Wegman
New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Recording Studio Furniture | Music Studio Desk | 2Egress Sound & Design“The intricacies of its design and joinery add a great depth and life to the piece.”


“Yes, the vision of having music scores, 88-key keyboard, and hardware, all together in a minimalist-esque design came together very well.

Keeping the lines clean and avoiding busy looking “bells and whistles” was a huge part of that.

The artistic economy accomplished with simple shapes is unlike anything I’ve seen.

Then, when one takes a closer look, the intricacies of its design and joinery add a great depth and life to the piece.”


Christopher Wilson
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

“The crew at 2Egress who are talented, passionate, and so importantly communicative…”


“These guys are awesome, it took a total of 2 months from when I first emailed to when the case was complete, and it is such a solid case that has improved my workflow so, so much. It was a custom commissioned case, and they make all sorts of cases and furniture—2 months from scratch to beautiful finish is very fast!

I couldn’t be happier with the case and the crew at 2Egress who are talented, passionate, and so importantly communicative throughout the whole process. I don’t believe I had to email or call to ask for an update even once; they kept me informed the whole way. “


Charles Dworetz
California, U.S.A.

“I wish all instrumentation companies shared your enthusiasm, because it is quite special.”


“It’s very refreshing to hear the passion that goes into your work. I wish all instrumentation companies shared your enthusiasm, because it is quite special. Thank you very much for the insight, and advice, as I will surely take it to heart.

Just goes to show you the type of consumer you attract by having such amazing service, and being as enthusiastic, and passionate about your studio furniture as the end-user’s are. Thank you for being such an amazing company, and so down to earth.”


Daniel Williams
Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

“Hands down…Best customer service…Dedicated to making you happy…”

“Brock at 2Egress has provided me, hands down, with the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. I stumbled on his work while browsing the website of another of his clients, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Be prepared to have long conversations with him, because he’s dedicated to making you happy and will work at it until he finds what it is that will.

What you first thought was only a desk will become way more than that.

Thanks, Brock!”


Alex Ouzilleau
Le Magnétophone Recording Studio
Montreal, Canada

“Brock made me cry twice, but the results are fantastic!”Neil Parfitt's Music Studio Desk

“When it came time for an updated desk for the studio, I had the concept in mind but no practical idea of how to bring it into reality. I knew this was the time to commission 2Egress for the job as I’ve been eyeing their work for years.

Brock was great from the start, very accommodating with brainstorming ideas back and forth, telling me what could work (and what wouldn’t) in a no-nonsense approach that kept the process streamlined. He put his attention to detail, craft and mad skills into full force resulting in a pretty fucking* fantastic studio desk. I couldn’t be happier!

It’s really that amazing! “

Neil Parfitt
Composer, Music Editor, Synth Sound Designer
Toronto, Canada

Eurorack Modular Case 15U Triple-wide“You are a real artisan my friend.”

“Just finished unloading them from the package. Can’t wait to get them into the studio.

Absolutely beautiful!

You’re a real artisan my friend.

Look forward to working through many more projects with you!”


Jovaughan Meek
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I can certainly see the ease of creative inspiration your inspired work generates.”

“Just had a really good browse of your website and absolutely wonderful products. Totally agree with all the testimonials and am astounded by what I see.

Wow, this really takes me back and I so wish it could take me into the future. I can certainly see the ease of creative inspiration your inspired work generates.”

Fred Werthman
Singer and Songwriter
Marlinespike Heritage
Gananoque, Ontario, Canada


“I am so so so so so so so so happy.”Studio Equipment Rack | 16U Triple Bay Rack Black

“Great piece of furniture and great packaging. I have my new unit loaded and it looks great.

I am so so so so so so so so happy.

Thanks again.”



Marcus Allen
Colorado, U.S.A.

Studio Equipment Rack | 10U Triple Bay Rack | Sidewinder“Your passion is evident.”

“Brock at 2Egress completely blew me away when he delivered on the custom desk (Raven) and rack I ordered. Unbelievable workmanship and attention to detail.

It was so beautiful I didn’t want to rack my gear in it. Ha!

Brock was a pleasure to deal with. Very professional and an all around great dude!

Brock, thanks again for all your hard work. Your passion is evident. All the best!”


Paul Roussel
Ontario, Canada


“I couldn’t be happier!”Marito Marques |Recording Studio Furniture | 2Egress Sound & Design

“Since the very beginning I knew that my ideal studio desk would be in good hands with Brock’s professional skills!

2Egress went through all the steps to get the ideal desk, with the right measurements for my ears, my body and specifically designed for my space. I couldn’t be any happier, it’s so much easier to work with; the monitors sound so much better, more real!

I’m writing this after two great months of working with “Pintassilgo” desk. Thank you 2Egress for making my life so much easier and making my studio more appealing.”


Marito Marques
Drummer, Producer and Composer
Toronto, Canada

“The guy is a genius!”Jim Guthrie | Recording Studio Desk | Wing Commander

“”Wow! The desk Brock made for me is easily the single most important piece of “gear” I’ve ever purchased. It’s absolutely incredible and almost defies description.

After a few visits with Brock (and Dion) to figure out what would best suit my needs he knew exactly what I needed and then some…

The guy is a genius!

He also wasn’t afraid to tell me his honest opinion which made all the difference in how it turned out. I can’t imagine anyone else making a better custom desk than this. It’s literally changed the way I think and work. It blows my mind every time I sit down in front of it. I don’t mean to gush but I’m in love. Thanks guys!!!””


Jim Guthrie
(2003 Juno nominee and 2012 Canadian Videogame Award winner for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery)
Toronto, Canada

“I am extremely happy with my 12U case….Highly recommended!”Jason Job | Eurorack Case | 2Egress Sound & Design

“As soon as I saw the custom studio furniture being made by 2egress I knew that my next Eurorack case had to come from them.

I got in touch with Brock about building me a 12U case and the whole experience, from placing my order through to receiving my case, was incredibly easy, professional and fast.

I really appreciated the option to get a fully powered case, or, as I did, to get a case without power that I can add power to as my module count grows. The angles of the four rows feels great and the vector rails with threaded nut strips are much nicer than working with individual nuts like on other cases.

I am extremely happy with my 12U case and have no doubt that when I fill it up, which is bound to happen soon with my Eurorack addiction, that I won’t hesitate to order a second one.”

“Highly recommended!”

Jason Job

Heading North Mastering | Ron Skinner | 2Egress Sound & Design

“From concept to design to the final build 2Egress was there with creative ideas at every step.”

“I had a specific need for my studio desk. I was looking for a way to meld a large frame mixing console in to a mastering workflow. Not an easy task. The ergonomics had to be perfect, room for the console, mastering gear in easy reach, a work space for keyboard and mouse and speaker mounting to boot. Brock at 2Egress rose to the challenge and met every obstacle with creativity and flair.

I knew I was in good hands the moment I met Brock. From concept to design to the final build 2Egress was there with creative ideas at every step.

When people walk in to my room they are truly impressed and that is all down to Brock’s creative design.”

Ron Skinner
Heading North Mastering
Toronto, Canada


“To actually receive the finished product takes everything to an entirely new level.”Casey Pechot |Cascade Media Calgary | Recording Studio Furniture

“I was looking for a new double rack when I came across Brock’s work in Toronto. I had previously seen a variety of racks, most of which were ugly and cheap looking.

Once I laid eyes on his creations the issue was settled. The beauty, craftsmanship and elegance of Brock’s work is self-evident to anyone who visits the website but to actually receive the finished product takes everything to an entirely new level. The rack has changed the look and feel of my room and I can’t wait to get one of his desks. Brock is an artist of the highest caliber and a hell of a guy to boot.

Brock – Thanks for everything – Looking forward to the desk!”

Casey Pechot
Cascade Media Calgary

“It’s solid, well built, inspiring and absolutely beautiful.”Low Rida | Recording Studio Furniture | 2Egress Sound & Design

“It can be a struggle to find studio furniture that doesn’t get in the way of your creativity or limit your workflow, more-so when you have a physical disability and use a wheelchair like myself. All the prefab stuff I had tried just wasn’t cutting it. They were always too big, too small, too uncomfortable and too ugly.

I wanted a desk that I couldn’t complain about.

Fortunately a friend recommended Brock at 2Egress Sound & Design.

After a brief conversation and a few measurements Brock was able to envision exactly what I was looking for. It became the “Low-rida”. Finally a desk that I couldn’t complain about. Twenty three rack spaces all within reach, ample desk space, perfect height, a matching keyboard stand… it’s solid, well built, inspiring and absolutely beautiful.

When I sat in-front of it for the first time I got the same feeling I did when recorded my first vocal through my first really nice pre-amp. I couldn’t stop smiling and wondering why I did’t get one sooner.”

Steven Mek
The Safehouse Studio
Toronto, Canada

“Finding a desk that accommodates creativity isn’t easy.”Simon Poole| Vee | Recording Studio Furniture

I’d been struggling to put together a workstation but the assembly line options weren’t justifying their expense and “almost there” doesn’t cut it.

I found 2Egress randomly and after getting in touch with Brock I went to the shop to discuss what I was looking for. What I got was a desk cut to accommodate my height, reach and workflow.

I’ve scored a few films at this desk and it’s become the centre of my studio and a creative aid.

It’s good for dropping a few jaws as well.

Plus, it’s hand signed.”

Simon Poole, Composer
Toronto, Canada

“This desk is not just a convenient solution for my new setup,Majestic | Studio Equipment Rack | 2Egress Sound & Design
it’s also an inspiring work of art.”

“Functionality and efficiency are absolutely indispensable to my work flow in the studio. I needed a solution that was compact, convenient to use, and aesthetically pleasing for my clients.

2Egress Sound & Design answered my request with ‘The Majestic’.

… I love this desk!!!

I couldn’t be more pleased by the quality of craftsmanship and the overall professional service Brock offers to his customers. This desk is not just a convenient solution for my new setup, it’s also an inspiring work of art. 
Thank you Brock!”

Waleed Deyab

“Quality furniture changes the way clients look at our studio.”Big Bang Booth Studio | Recording Studio Furniture | 2Egress Sound & Design

“Our custom-made racks made by Brock at 2Egress Sound & Design are an example of great craftsmanship and an understanding of the studio environment.

They’ve changed the look of our studio and with it, how we work!

Thank you Brock!”





Vladimir Baranov
Big Bang Booth Studios


“It is a rock-solid piece of furniture that adds beauty to my studio.”Film Video Editing Desk Black | 2Egress Sound & Design

“It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for 2Egress Sound & Design. I was looking for a seven foot long editing desk that could accommodate some video-editing equipment, three LCD monitors and two monitor speakers. Brock built me a version of the “Film” desk and took great care to customize it accordingly to my specifications, even if some of my requests came after the desk was ready.

Now, a year later, I can testify that it is a rock-solid piece of furniture that adds beauty to my studio. The outstanding quality of craftsmanship shows how much Brock loves his work. Thank you so much!”


Catalina Coman
Independent Video Editor

“I was looking for a master craftsman and designer to bring my concept to life.”Dave Draper | Recording Studio Furniture | 2Egress Sound & Design

“As an audio professional, I was looking for a master craftsman and designer to bring my concept to life. Brock worked with me to create an incredible hi-tech work area. Being a large piece, I was concerned that the style would suffer. Not so, my clients and friends were very impressed with the clean lines and effective use of space. I have now taken delivery of my second 2Egress creation, a shelving unit for my video area.

Again, Brock’s design and workmanship went beyond my expectations.

I look forward to adding to my 2Egress collection as my needs change.”


David Draper
Film & TV Location Recordist